The College of Tourism Belgrade
Belgrade, Bulevar Zorana Đinđića 152a
+381 11 2698 222

Welcome to the College of Tourism!

The College of Tourism celebrated the 50th anniversary in 2017 and you are invited to join us! The college is based in Belgrade, the city well-known for its nice people and friendly atmosphere! Studying at the College of Tourism will offer you various opportunities and the information here can be useful.

Address: Bulevar Zoran Djindjic 152 a, Novi Beograd

Telephone: + 381 11 2698 222


You are welcome to visit our Centre for Culture, Foreign Languages & Academic Exchange every day from 10.00 to 12.00

Happy Easter!

Open Day

You are invited to the Open Day at the College of Tourism on Saturday, 20 April at 11am. Use this opportunity to meet future fellow students and professors, also to go on the tour of the College guided by our students. Welcome!

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We won!

The students and the staff of the College of Tourism are very proud to announce the victory of the College's Student Male Basketball Team! They won the Cup of University Sports Union of Belgrade on 14 April 2019 against the students from all faculties and colleges! Congratulations!

Good & Green Morning @ COT

Invitation for students and staff at the College to join the ecological event on Friday, 12th April from 10am. Let’s clean, plant and make the surroundings of the College more beautiful together because we love to protect the nature!

Rain check: in case of bad weather, the event will be postponed till next Friday.

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University of Bamberg ERASMUS+ stipends for the winter semester 2019/20

Duration: September 2019 – February 2020

Stipends: 4.525€ in total per semester (850 € per month from mid September to mid February plus travel expenses 275€)

The principal teaching language at the University of Bamberg is German, however, a number of modules are also offered taught in English. Applicants need to be fluent in either German or English. Preference will be given to applicants with a good working knowledge of German, however.

Required application forms:

  • Letter of Motivation (1 – 2 pages)
  • Letter of Recommendation from college professor
  • CV (including address, phone numbers, picture)

Napomena: Prijave se podnose od 12.03. do 22. 03. 2019. godine u kabinetu broj 8, ulaz V (dr Emilija Lipovšek). Za stipendiju mogu konkurisati studenti sa prosekom većim od 8. Termin razgovora sa odabranim kandidatima će biti obavljen naknadno.

University of Bamberg ERASMUS+ teaching mobility 2019

Duration: 1 week (5 days teaching + 2 travel days) during May, June or July 2019

Number of teaching hours during mobility: 8

Teaching language: English or German

Stipend: 840 € individual support (for 7 days) + 275 € travel expenses = total stipend: 1.115 €

Requirement according to the Erasmus+ regulations is a full participation and presence of 5 days during the teaching mobility with 2 additional travel days before and after. It is not possible to participate in the teaching mobilty for a shorter period than the total of 7 days (including the 2 travel days).

  • Letter of Motivation (1 – 2 pages)
  • CV (including address, phone numbers, picture)
  • Proposal of teaching modules that could be offered and possible time frame for the visit at the University of Bamberg

Napomena: Prijave se podnose od 12.03. do 22.03. 2019. godine u kabinetu broj 8, ulaz V (dr Emilija Lipovšek).

My Erasmus Experience

One of our students shared her great experiences in Bamberg.

Fuse Project

Fostering University Support Services and Procedures for Full Participation in the European Higher Education Area (FUSE)


Students of the College of Tourism were cast in this promotional video directed by Bosko Savkovic.