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Centre for Culture, Foreign Languages & Academic Exchange

Dr Bojana Plemić

Dr Emilija Lipovšek

Dr Smiljka Kesić

The Center for Culture, Foreign Languages and Academic Exchange focuses on the activities related to the use of foreign languages and culture for the purposes of tourism and hospitality industry. It is oriented at partnerships and cooperation with different stakeholders, i.e. educational and cultural institutions in Serbia and abroad so as to strengthen professional development and employment of linguistic and cultural competences in tourism. It nurtures creative expression and interdisciplinary approach in enabling young professionals/students to acquire skills necessary for work in ancillary fields of tourism sector and in real-life setting. A wide range of activities refers to events, panel discussions, workshops, seminars, guest lectures, presentations, exhibitions, performances, counseling, visits to museums, visitor and cultural centers or sites, which are also tourist attractions.

The Centre is particularly committed to providing assistance in the process of internationalization and mobility of teaching and non-teaching staff through the EU Erasmus programs or other relevant international programs. In addition, it strives for participation in international, regional and EU projects oriented towards education and promotion of cultural heritage which is considered important for tourism industry.

The Centre is also dedicated to assisting students during their outgoing and incoming mobilities. Before arrival of incoming students, the Centre will provide all information about the visa if necessary, accommodation and transportation options, insurance as well as assigning buddy students. The Centre will organize Welcome Week for introducing the incoming students with the College, Serbian language and culture, also for socializing with other students. Outgoing students apply for their mobilities at the Centre and selected candidates come to the Centre for preparation and advising sessions with former outgoing students. The Centre keeps regular contact with all the incoming and outgoing students and follows their progress during mobility period.