The College of Tourism Belgrade
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ERASMUS Policy Statement

The College of Tourism is a state-owned higher education institution offering undergraduate and specialized studies to young people interested in starting a career in tourism. Our institution works with partners across Europe and several countries around the world. The selection of partner institutions is made from the large number of institutions according to the study programmes that are performed at our institution. We offer education and training in the field of tourism, with the focus on tourism management, tour operators and tour guiding, hotel management. As science is not limited to places or areas, we find partnerships with various institutions around the world crucial resource for our development. However, most of our partners are from EU countries and the neighbouring countries from the region. As we have very similar languages, those countries are also interesting for our staff and students and in our opinion those partnerships can help develop education and cross-border cooperation.

Our main strategic objectives are improvement and development of study programmes and lifelong learning programme, development of scientific and technical research, strengthening of human resources, strengthening international collaboration with universities and institutions, with companies and the community, inclusion in the European educational, professional and scientific-research area. In order to support and develop international cooperation we formed the Culture, Foreign Languages and Academic Exchange Centre. The main activities of the Centre are developing cooperation with institutions abroad which have similar study programmes and objectives in order to exchange students and staff, establishing connections with companies for students' placement and developing projects on national, bilateral, European and international levels. Our management supports activities connected with the Erasmus programme as well as other international projects and activities, providing students and staff with support needed for high quality implementation of our international activities.

The College of Tourism is dedicated to achieving the following:

  • expanding student and staff mobility,
  • innovation and modernization of study programmes,
  • strengthening international cooperation,
  • participation in projects,
  • European Education Area.

The College of Tourism aims to participate in the Erasmus+ Programmes including mobility for students, teaching and non-teaching staff, capacity building programmes in higher education, building strategic partnerships and developing knowledge alliances, as our institution strongly believes that Erasmus+ Programmes have the key role in supporting effective higher education through new partnerships and shared experiences.