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College Centers

The College of Tourism proudly presents its Centres

Centre for PR and International Cooperation

Head: Milenko Đurić, MSc
Associate: Vladimir Pavković, MSc

Internal communications: improving communication channels with employees, promoting the standards of organizational culture, improving digital platforms (the website and social networks), initiating directions for improving strategic internal communications.

External communications: creating, managing and improving the image and reputation of the College of Tourism in Belgrade, branding and brand management of the College of Tourism, creating and managing the visual identity of the College of Tourism in Belgrade, establishing and maintaining continuous cooperation with media representatives, strategic activities of media communications - publicity, advertising and their hybrid forms implemented through traditional and new media aimed at establishing the desired image and reputation, managing the official social networks of the College (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, blogs, YouTube, etc.), monitoring trends and events in domestic and international environment, establishing and maintaining high-quality and fruitful cooperation, i.e. work on joint projects between the College and the embassies of foreign countries in Belgrade - scholarships, work Placement, etc., organization of special events: Ambassadors Present, guest lectures, jubilees and the College Day/The Slava, cooperation with colleges, individuals, profit and non-profit organizations from the field of tourism as well as associations and the Republic of Serbia important for the work and development of the College of Tourism in Belgrade, establishing and maintaining cooperation with state and local authorities, managing public relations activities in crisis situations, organizing and managing corporate social responsibility programs, initiating directions for improving strategic external communications.

Centre for Research and Development

Head: Dr Branislav Rabotić
Associate: Sanja Lazarević, MA

Much attention is paid to integrated disciplines models and innovations, i.e. looking into current theoretical and practical issues through interdisciplinary approach to tourism sector, linking humanities with economics and related fields.

Regional and international cooperation is essential in investigating new trends among professionals and scholars in tourism who publish their results in academic publications, conference proceedings, journals and other editions.

Main activities of the Centre for Research and Development include the publishing of a biannual scientific journal of the Business of Tourism and organization of BITCO international conference started in 2012, with the participation of a number of globally acknowledged plenary speakers and tourism experts presenting papers in the thematic publications.

The Center also caters for the improvement of the teacher training program through participation in seminars and conferences.

Centre for Work and Placement

Head: Dr Marija Najdić
Associates: Jasmina Leković, Mag.Sc

Sanja Lazarević, MA

Jelena Jević, MA

The Centre is investgating the novel ways to link businesses with student internship. The activities of the Center include drawing up the work placement agenda as well as paperwork so as to provide training to each and every student with suitable hotels or tourism enterprises through the coordination of appointments and responsible persons/mentors, and afterwards the proper recording of the results.

The Center primarily focuses on establishing new forms of cooperation and finding innovative solutions for placement, constantly enriching the already extensive database of businesses the College cooperates with.

Today, the partnership is forged with all tour operators, a number of travel agencies, well-renowned hotel chains, but also local, regional and national tourist organizations. Over the years, the College boasts its exclusive cooperation with a unique tourist and hospitality Mećavnik Resort in Mokra Gora and since 2018 the training is also conducted at the archeological site of Viminacium.

Centre for Marketing and Promotion

Head: Dr Miroslava Petrevska

The Centre is oriented at developmental tasks of defining a marketing strategy or planning marketing communications with the aim of the successful promotion of the College of Tourism in Belgrade as an educational institution and its popularization among alumni and future students. Practical organization and implementation of promotional activities implies coordination with the teaching staff as well as the Centre for PR and International Cooperation, contacts and meetings with relevant stakeholders and partners, representation at trade fairs, managing social media, creating attractive promotional material and tools, launching and carrying out publicity campaigns, and finally making assessment of achieved results.

Centre for Culture, Foreign Languages & Academic Exchange

Dr Bojana Plemić

Dr Emilija Lipovšek

Dr Smiljka Kesić

The Center for Culture, Foreign Languages and Academic Exchange focuses on the activities related to the use of foreign languages and culture for the purposes of tourism and hospitality industry. It is oriented at partnerships and cooperation with different stakeholders, i.e. educational and cultural institutions in Serbia and abroad so as to strengthen professional development and employment of linguistic and cultural competences in tourism. It nurtures creative expression and interdisciplinary approach in enabling young professionals/students to acquire skills necessary for work in ancillary fields of tourism sector and in real-life setting. A wide range of activities refers to events, panel discussions, workshops, seminars, guest lectures, presentations, exhibitions, performances, counseling, visits to museums, visitor and cultural centers or sites, which are also tourist attractions.

The Centre is particularly committed to providing assistance in the process of internationalization and mobility of teaching and non-teaching staff through the EU Erasmus programs or other relevant international programs. In addition, it strives for participation in international, regional and EU projects oriented towards education and promotion of cultural heritage which is considered important for tourism industry.

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