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Specialized studies - Tour Operations Management

PPP2 Negotiations and business presentations 6

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Tour Operations Management


Serbian and English

Course description

Mastering the process of communication and negotiation, definition of communication, negotiation and convincing. Negotiations and business communication as part of strategic process, the importance of mentioned process in business meetings. Process of business presentations with technical and technological solutions for conducting effective and efficient presentations. Role of negotiations and presentations in the management and their role for the manager personally. Characteristics of public address, speech delivery, negotiations and negotiations techniques, psychology of business communication and negotiations. Business presentations as part of leader communication. Using negotiations, communication and presentations in solving crisis, communicating to business partners, clients and employees and developing personal qualities by applying these skills. Practical examples for developing these skills.


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  2. Karterev A., Presentation Secrets, John Wiley and Sons, Indianapolis, 2011
  3. Reynolds G., Presentation Zen - Simple Ideas on Presentation Design and Delivery, 2nd.ed, New Riders, Berkley, 2012

Classes per week


Grading (max. points 100)

Pre-exam Requirements Points
Attendance 10
Preliminary Test 20
Seminar 10
Final Exam Points
Written -
Oral 60