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Specialized studies - Tour Operations Management

UTP1 Tourist product management 7

Basic info



Management in Tourism, Tour Operations Management



Course description

Theoretical instructions will teach students about the features of tourism product and contemporary tourism market and its research, models and methods of that research as well as tourists' decision making, preferences and influence of each segments of the holiday on their satisfaction, analysis of consumers' and leisure activities in tourists in order to develop new tourism products, role of promoting in tourist destination management, role of modern information and communication technologies in promotion, creating and planning promotion, role of promotion in the value chain of destination product. The use of modern technical and technological solutions and platforms in order to manage tourism product, including tourist data base, with special emphasis on social networks and blogs, and managing and controlling these means of promotion. Moreover, through case studies and examples, students will get a grasp of market research and tourism product formation.


  1. Kotler, P., Keller, K. L.: Upravljanje marketingom, Mate, Zagreb, 2008.
  2. S. Čerović, Istražianje turističkog tržišta, PMF Novi Sad, 2004.
  3. K. H. Kenner Selling Tourism, Delmar learning,NY, 2003

Classes per week


Grading (max. points 100)

Pre-exam Requirements Points
Attendance 10
Preliminary Test 20
Seminar 10
Final Exam Points
Written -
Oral 60