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TRV3 Tour Guiding 7

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Tour Operators & Tour Guiding


Serbian and English

Course description

Tour Guiding — notion and definition. Distinctions in categories of tourist guiding. Defining the notion tourist guide and tourist escort in the EU. Theoretical concepts on the role of tour guides. Mediation role of tour guiding. Interpretation as a form of mediation. The role of tour guiding in developing sustainable tourism. Tour guiding and promoting responsible tourism. The notion of the guided tour. The guided tour as value for customers. Methodology of tour guiding. Communicative competence of tour guide. Managing tourist group dynamics. Tourists as a group of individuals. General patterns of behavior and individual reactions in a tourist group. Impact of nationality on tourist behaviour. Tour guide service quality. The impact of tour guide on tourist product quality. Tour guiding and customer satisfaction. Standard monitoring of tour guiding quality. Ethical code. Professional associations. Individual awards and recognitions. Education and training. Certification. Licensing. Development of tour guiding in Serbia. Tour guiding in Law on Tourism, 2009. Tour guiding in completing different kinds of tours. Demonstration tours: Interpretation of Belgrade Fortress. Demonstration tours: Sightseeing tour on an open-top bus. Peculiarities of guiding tourists with special requirements. Crisis management in tour guiding. Research paper.


  1. Rabotić, B., Turističko vođenje - teorija i praksa, izdanje Visoke turističke škole strukovnih studija, Beograd, 2011.
  2. Pond, L.K., The Professional Guide: Dynamics of Tour Guiding, John Wiley & Sons, 1993.

Classes per week


Grading (max. points 100)

Pre-exam Requirements Points
Attendance 10
Preliminary Test 25
Seminar 10
Final Exam Points
Written -
Oral 55