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Undergraduate studies - Economics and Tourism

PSK2 Business Communication 5

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Tourism, Management in Tourism, Tour Operators & Tour Guiding, Hotel Management


Serbian and English

Course description

Definition and characteristics of communication process; plan for forming a corporate communication department in tourism sector; types of business communication: business correspondence, protocol and business negotiations; verbal and non-verbal communication; etiquette and dress code; writing formal letters, communication mix in tourism organizations: advertising, personal sales, sales improvement, publicity, corporate identity, business style and corporate image; professional standards and responsibility: creating good public relations; business ethics in public relations; target groups in tourism and public opinion; printed and electronic media, the Internet and other social media; media relations: press release, statements, interviews and press conferences; managing public relations; communication in crisis situations; special events and fairs; public appearance; business etiquette and protocol.

Guest lecturers presenting experience in tourism practice; analyzing case studies; participating in project implementation with partner institutions (participating in tourist events; fairs; participating in internal promotional activities).

Creative workshops: producing a CV; designing promotional concept; dress code; ethical and professional dilemmas in business communication; public opinion poll; creating media list; organizing press conferences; planning public relations campaigns; organizing journalists' visits; first time in front of the camera; preparing for job application; personal presentation; preparing for an interview.


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  2. Denis Vilkos et al. Odnosi sa javnošću - strategije i taktike, Centar za izdavačku delatnost Ekonomskog fakulteta, Beograd, 2006
  3. Glen M. Brum, Učinkoviti odnosi sa javnošću, 10. izdanje, Mate Zagreb, 2010

Classes per week


Grading (max. points 100)

Pre-exam Requirements Points
Attendance 10
Preliminary Test 20
Seminar 10
Final Exam Points
Written -
Oral 60