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Undergraduate studies - Economics and Tourism

Placement 5

Basic info


1st, 2nd, 3rd


Tourism, Management in Tourism, Tour Operators & Tour Guiding, Hotel Management

Winter / Summer

Course description

Placement aims at students' direct familiarization with all important aspects of travel agencies operations and other enterprises and organizations in tourism as well as their direct involvement in working process so as to establish necessary link between theoretical and practical aspects in tourism industry. Placement aims at familiarizing students with tourist practice through training.

Enabling students for applying already acquired theoretical and professional skills for solving specific practical problems within a selected tourist enterprise or organization. Familiarizing students with the type and content of working process in the specific tourist enterprise or organization, the mode of its operation and cooperation with business partners. Students are given the opportunity to put theoretical knowledge and skills acquired in many tourist fields into practice. Thus, students get insight into technical, organizational, economic and social aspects and interconnection of these aspects in enterprises or institutions. Incentives for mastering the profession as well as motivation to perform similar work after graduation are expected as a result of experience gained in professional training.

Students are directed to take placement in those tourism industry enterprises the College signed a contract with. Also, students are allowed to choose themselves an enterprise or institution where placement could be held by submitting to a lecturer in charge of organizing the placement the enterprise's written agreement on hiring them as a trainee. The placement program should be conducted in accordance with the educational objectives defined by the teaching curriculum.